Once Upon A Pizza

Once Upon A Pizza
Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Stephen Stone
Publisher Name
Gene Goldberg
Age Range
Release Date
February 04, 2021

Everyone loves pizza, but how was it invented?

Cheese and tomatoes falling from the leaning tower? Cartloads of ingredients crashing together? Or maybe someone slipped on a puddle of water, smashing the ingredients together? These zany stories tell several different ways the world's most delectable dish might have been created. The last is a retelling of the most accepted historical account of it's actual invention, slightly altered of course, to assure that it's in keeping with the humorous tone of the other stories.

Each story has different protagonists: Galileo's neighbor, a butterfly, a pot maker, a restaurateur, an arguing couple, a suitor, a youth leaving home, a glutton, and finally, the chef in Naples, Italy, who really did invent pizza. Just so you won't be too hungry after reading so much about tasty pizzas, there's a recipe.

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