Olivia and the Gentleman From Outer Space

Olivia and the Gentleman From Outer Space
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April 11, 2023
When six-year-old Olivia finds a glowing treasure map that only she can see, she has no idea what it means. But six years later, when a spaceship lands in the wheatfields behind the farmhouse where she lives with her dad, she discovers she has an important destiny to fulfill. She is the Princess of Blue Earth, and only she can read the map that will lead to the Black Ruby, which has the power to heal anything—including her father’s cancer.

Accompanied by a time traveler boy named Galax, she sets out on a magical and imaginative adventure that will take them to the ethereal beauty of the moon and across the wonders of space in their search for the Black Ruby. But the Black Priests also want the Ruby for nefarious reasons . . . and they’ll do anything to stop Olivia and Galax from taking it.

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What worked:
The most obvious aspect of this book is its wholesomeness. As the title states, a gentleman alien named Galax arrives on Earth to take Olivia on an adventure among the stars. Their sole mission is to retrieve the Black Ruby that can heal and repair anything but their motivation is to save Olivia’s father from dying of cancer. Galax calls Olivia the Princess of Blue Earth and refers to her with respectful terms when not using her name. His favorite number is a million billion trillion as he uses it to describe time and distance across the universe, although his spaceship and knowledge of wormholes allow him to travel more quickly than imaginable. Olivia and Galax stop to recuperate on a planet inhabited by women from Earth who do all they can to make the pair comfortable.
The author creates an inventive story based on science fiction and imagination. Galax’s spaceship is able to generate impossible speeds and is almost indestructible. Galax is able to repair and heal almost anything although the effort it takes has its limits. He’s nearing the end of his life-energy so the success of the quest is the only thing that will save him from dying. Galax has a residence on the moon and he shares a story about his meeting with the Apollo 11 astronauts. Olivia is concerned that a trip across the universe will take too long so they’ll never make it back in time to save her father. However, Galax informs her that time works differently in space as time on one planet they visit doesn’t move at all.
What didn’t work as well:
The showdown with the Black Priests in the climax lacks the suspense and uncertainty that readers might expect. The priests are a menace across the universe but the non-violent nature of the story takes the bite out of their threat.
The Final Verdict:
This book shares an entertaining journey into space that’s void of violence, profanity, and suggestive material that’s found in many middle-grade novels. The plot moves quickly resulting in a quick read that will appeal to young readers.
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