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Big things get noticed, this book tells us, but even small things can have impact. If children feel small, they can share their concerns and gather friends who can help them express their opinions by writing, walking, and letting their voices be heard. Joining with others is a great way to help the small become noticed and for change to occur.
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This is an inspirational call to action that goes along well with books like McCullough's Ruffled Feathers, Barton's Moving Forward, and Mucha's A Girl's Bill of Rights. Families who are involved in social activism will find this a good way to explain what they are trying to accomplish to young readers, and it's also helpful as a reminder to children to "Look for the helpers", as Mr. Fred Rogers once suggested, when there are events in the news that make them feel small. They can not only look for the helpers, but try to be them.

Paola Escobar's colorful illustrations give a lot of energy to the spare text, and felt a little bit like the 1960s illustration style I remember from my childhood books. This gives a hopeful feeling to the book, and the range of cultural representation in the myriad of faces depicted was great to see. This is an empowering title that will help little ones understand that they, too, can have an effect on the world.
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