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All Things Dinosaurs with Stunning Pictures
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DINOSAUR ATLAS is an incredible reference book for dinosaurs with stunning illustrations to go along with all of the fun facts. It's divided into a few different sections: Meet the Dinosaurs, the three different time periods, each continent and their findings, and after the dinosaurs. There are plenty of interesting facts on anything you want to know about dinosaurs, including the extinction theories. There's a handy dictionary in the back of the book too for children to flip to as they need it. The timelines and maps give children the whole picture to help them retain the information they're reading about.

The layout of the book is highly engaging and will hold onto a child's interest. I honestly can't get over how breath-taking the illustrations are and how they bring the dinosaurs back to life. My daughter is a huge fan of dinosaurs and nearly jumped out her skin from excitement once she saw this book. I enjoyed watching her flip through the pages as much as she liked looking. We both found the section about birds fascinating too.

Final Verdict: Overall, National Geographic hits a home-run with this incredible reference book of dinosaurs. Between the pictures and all of the intriguing history, this is one dinosaur fans won't want to miss out on. It'll make a great present that'll stimulate your child's mind while involving something they love.
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