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August 23, 2017
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A boy inventor creates the ultimate in high-tech superheroes that could one day save the world--but they have some smaller problems to take on first! NanoBots are tiny. They're almost too small to see, but they can each do a unique and important job: Medibot makes sure their Inventor never catches a cold.... Chewbots gobble up that gum the Inventor trampled into the carpet... Binobot scans the scene of a crime for clues the Inventor could never see... and Seekerbots explore to meet microscopic new creatures.

These bots and their high-tech friends sure make the inventor's life easier, but when the most AWESOME robot in town is in real trouble, they must band together and prove that sometimes the SMALLEST helpers can be the BIGGEST heroes! Includes fun facts about real nanotechnology in the backmatter.

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Robots + Superheroes = Recipe for Success
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One night, a great inventor creates a fleet of robots so tiny they cannot be seen by the naked eye. He names them “NanoBots,” bestows them each with a super power, and declares that they will “change the world!” The inventor is so proud of his creations that he enters them in an invention contest. They are concerned, though, because next to them is a giant robot whose size dominates the attention of the judges. But even a big robot like him needs the help of the NanoBots, and they rise to the occasion.

Children will love looking through Gall’s intricate and lively illustrations, hearing how the different NanoBots help humanity. ChewBots, for instance, “love to gobble nasty, icky stuff,” helping to keep carpets and other surfaces clean. Lady Lance-o-Bot is the guardian of the greenhouse, protecting plants from hungry bugs. MediBot lives inside the inventor and keeps his body safe from dangerous germs. Most exciting, perhaps, is Gall’s author’s note at the end of the book describing some ways that the field of nano-robotics could realize some of the ideas he portrays.

This book demonstrates the value of teamwork, innovation, and people—or robots—of any size can make the world better. Educators could use this book in conjunction with units on robotics, inventions, or even helping people.

NanoBots would appeal to children of various ages, particularly those who are interested in robots, are fascinated by size relationships, and like to think of ways to help make their communities and environments better.
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Exciting, detailed illustrations.

Could be used in conjunction with many different themes in classrooms.
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