Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways
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August 27, 2024
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From acclaimed author Wendy Wunder comes a sharp and hilarious coming-of-age novel for fans of John Green and Nicola Yoon about an omniscient teenage girl who must grapple with whether there’s such a thing as knowing too much...

Seventeen-year-old Maya knows everything. When she looks at someone, she instantly knows their history, their private thoughts, their secret desires, their most tragic failures. Combine these private miseries with the general state of the world, and it's easy to see why Maya's power starts to get her down…

Which is why she was sent to the Whispering Pines Psychiatric Facility, and also why starting at a new school is going to be such a challenge. Now, faced with Tyler, a cute guy she actually wants to know everything about, Maya realizes that maybe her power isn't so horrible after all. Maybe she can use it for good. Maybe she can even get the guy. Or maybe there really is such a thing as knowing too much.

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The story begins with Maya, a junior in high school in a psychiatric facility. We learn that Maya has a gift of hearing other people's thoughts. It was the gift of hearing the overwhelming thoughts that caused Maya to suffer a mental breakdown, leading to her admission to the psychiatric facility.

The real heart of the story is when Maya is released and has to learn how to adjust to her life after the mental breakdown and how to use her gift for good. The story explores more than just teenage issues and challenges you to take a closer look at the workings of society and life itself.

What I Liked: The premise of the book is unique and intriguing. I often wondered how I would react to something if I was in that situation in Maya's shoes. From academic anxieties to college admissions to body image struggles and the relentless pursuit of athletic glory, Wendy Wunder does an excellent job conveying the overwhelming pressures teenagers face today. It certainly makes you empathetic to what Maya has to deal with.

What Left Me Wanting More: In the beginning, the story felt slow-paced. It took about fifty pages before the story began to unfold.  Additionally, the story juggles multiple character perspectives, which at times can feel overwhelming, but it is ultimately rewarding.

Mysterious Ways will appeal to readers seeking a novel that goes beyond your typical YA novel.
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