My Pet Feet

My Pet Feet
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August 23, 2022
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When the letter R suddenly vanishes, a whole town goes upside-down in this side-splitting picture book of alphabet chaos that’s Can I Be Your Dog? meets P Is for Pterodactyl.

A little girl wakes up one day to find that R, a vital piece of the alphabet, has vanished! Suddenly, she has pet feet instead of a ferret. Flocks of cows replace crows flying in the sky. Giant shoes (not shores!) live on the sandy beaches of her town.

What could have happened to the eighteenth letter of the alphabet? Did it get lost—or stolen? One way or another, the town needs to be saved!

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Josh Funk is known for creating engaging stories that capture a child's attention. He certainly did that in his newest book My Pet Feet. The letter R is missing and chaos ensues. In the search for the letter R, we see how taking away one letter changes everything. A pet ferret becomes a pet feet, a grassy field becomes a gassy field, and a flock of crows becomes a flock of cows. My son's personal favorite was a door that turned into doo. The illustration of that had us giggling.

The illustrations by Billy Yong are so fun and creative. On each page, there are so many details that illustrate what might happen if the letter R is missing. Each time I read this book, I noticed a new detail.

The little girl finally finds the letter R and things are set right or are they? The ending has me wondering if we will see another book about a different missing letter. I am eager to see what Josh Funk does next.
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