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Cute Boy Who's Proud of His Name
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Edimorwhitimormiligimmus Tug is named after his grandpa, uncle, aunt, and granny and is very proud of it. The only problem is that it's a very long name and can be a bit of a mouthful for his teacher and classmates. When a new student arrives at his school, his teacher thinks it's best to shorten his name to Ed, but this upsets Edimorwhitimormiligimmus because it isn't his name. So, while meeting the new student, Edimorwhitimormiligimmus teaches him how to say his name the correct way and he's surprised by the result. Soon, he'll have everyone saying it correctly!

MY NAME IS NOT ED TUG is an endearing story about a boy who is proud of the family he's named after. It's an explanation he wants to share with everyone if they'll lend an ear. This book touches on subjects like friendship and bullying all because of a name. While I see children making fun of him, it's a nice touch to see the teacher doing it too because it's a reality that most authors don't address. This opens the doors for discussions in the future if necessary for a child having a problem with their teacher. The illustrations remind me of Despicable Me and I love the use of the name stickers for Edimorwhitimormiligimmus. It's witty and brings a laugh to my daughter when she sees it.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to school-aged children who are named after family members or enjoy stories about friendship and overcoming the odds. It's endearing to see Edimorwhitimormiligimmus explain the meaning of his name and to see how happy it makes him.
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