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Harry de Leyer pulls up to a horse sale with all intentions to buy a horse, but he's a bit too late. All the good horses are gone and the only one left is an older one heading to the slaughterhouse. Not wanting to let it follow that path, Harry offers eighty dollars for it and the seller accepts without hesitation. When he brings the elderly horse home, his daughter thinks of the name Snowball. It sticks and soon Snowball becomes part of the family. As the days pass, Harry realizes that Snowball won't jump over low poles, but he hits the high ones every time. Deciding to test his luck, he trains Snowball and enters him into a contest. Snowball earns a trophy and a ribbon to everyone's surprise. He continues this for years and it was an eighty dollars well spent.

MY BLUE-RIBBON HORSE teaches that a horse's skill isn't defined by its age. This lesson can also transfer to people. To not take those around you for granted just because of their age. Snowball is an inspirational legend and I love how he goes on to win more and more trophies. Buyers come by wanting him, but Harry turns every offer down. Snowball isn't just a champion. He's a member of their family. Another added bonus is the Author's Note in the back of the book that offers more information on the true story of an eighty dollar horse who went on to become a legend. I also love how it addresses that he passed away peacefully, grazing in the pasture. A horse bound for the slaughterhouse stomped on every prejudice that came his way.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to children who love history and horses. It's inspirational and thought-provoking with beautiful illustrations to go along with the powerful message.
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