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MY BIG BOOK OF NATURE SOUNDS is an interactive board book that reads to young children. Each page features a small, related icon that children can press on the side. This reads the words on each page along with the sound they make. Each page features several sounds, including animals, actions by people, and nature. For instance, readers can hear the sound of stepping on a pine cone, penguins, and a waterfall. The sounds are grouped by location/climate on each page for educational context.

What I loved: This is a simple but enjoyable book that young readers can interact with on their own. Considering the complexity and length, this will work well for older toddlers and preschoolers who will be better at identifying the symbols on each page, matching them, and appreciate the longer time spent reading on each page. The sounds are each labeled on the page for some early word recognition, and these labels are read aloud. The images are colorful and show quite a variety of children, animals, and natural settings that is great for children who love to visually explore. The board book pages are easy to turn, and the buttons are easy to press.

What left me wanting more: While we overall really loved this book, there were a couple small things that would be great to change. The way each page is read is not always intuitive for young readers, so if they are pointing to the items, they won't necessarily point in the order that they would be read, making it tough for them to match the images with the sounds and words. For instance, occasionally, it would bounce back and forth reading a word from the left, then right, moving towards the center of the page spread or otherwise traveling in a path that is more difficult to follow around the page. It was easiest on the pages that included squares of (usually) animals, as this created some order to the chaos. Additionally, there is no on/off switch for the sound board, which means that you have to be careful how you store the book, as it could continually go off on its own. It also wears down the battery with accidental presses.

Final verdict: MY BIG BOOK OF NATURE SOUNDS is a delightful and educational interactive board book experience that older toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy! Being able to independently read and explore is perfect for this age group.
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