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On a particularly turbulent flight, Sylvie O'Rourke vows, with her sister as witnesses ,that she'll do something good, as long as she survives the flight. When they're all back on safe ground, her sisters, Kate and Meg, keep on badgering Sylvie until she finally agrees to do something. That something is to take up a teaching position (never mind that she doesn't have a teaching degree) at the rundown St. Matthews High School. At her new job, Sylvie manages internal and external conflicts; a fellow (goodlooking) teacher snubs her, she just might have feelings for another new teacher and tries to make a difference in the lives of the kids she's teaching.

Cheryl Cory's first novel was very enjoyable. The book was light, funny and the characters (with the exception of the "bad guy") were charming. Sylvie's antics throughout the book were fun to read as you could tell that she was trying to make a difference in the life of her students. Also, Sylvie's sisters and mother were an excellent addition to the story.

However, I felt that the students could have been better fleshed out and they didn't seem to be their age (15). I would have found it more believable if they were actually 13 or so as they're speech and problems seemed to be younger. The ending romance of the book was also rushed, though it was pretty sweet.

Overall, if you're looking for a fun read, you might want to try Must've Done Something Good.

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