Moon & Shadow: A tale of Liamec (Tales of Liamec Book 1)

Moon & Shadow: A tale of Liamec (Tales of Liamec Book 1)
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Lamprey Publishing
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February 15, 2020

Standing on a cow pasture fence, Sebastian reaches up and pulls the moon down from the sky. This starts a chain of events that leads to battles with monsters, an epic journey, and, ultimately, a confrontation with a channeler of nightmares. Unsure what’s happening to him, Sebastian has to fight to save his small medieval village and the woman he loves from destruction. With his fellow villager’s support, and Luna the lunar spirit’s guidance, Sebastian journeys to the source of the creatures that embody the worst of our dreams. Where are the nightmares coming from? Who is attacking a simple farming village, and why? And, once he reaches and confronts the source, how will Sebastian, the Knight of Moon and Shadow, overcome it? "Moon & Shadow is brilliant." Liliyana Shadowlyn, The Faerie Review

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Moon and Shadow by J Steven Lamperti
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Overall, This book was different from anything I've read in a while. It was more like a folktale which was refreshing.
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The book Moon & Shadow by J Steven Lamperti tells the story of Sebastian and his quest as the Knight of Moon & Shadow to protect his town of Westhavenbrook from a monster made of nightmares that have destroyed the village next door.
The book is told in the third person close. It switches between Sebastian and the various other members of the village. I enjoyed this because it has been a while since I have read a book where the point of view of an entire group played a significant role in the story. I found myself confused at first because it took me a little while to get used to the folktale style of tbs book. However, I quickly became intrigued by both sides of the tale.
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