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What Worked: Armadylan is an awesome hero but he is feeling left out because the PJ Masks don’t always need his help. His feeling of rejection leads to him being tricked by Octobella to get a crystal allowing her to be a bit wicked. The PJ Masks tried to warn him, but it doesn’t go well when you don’t include someone and then try to give them advice. He does get his time to shine and together they save the day.
Final Verdict: The pictures are highly engaging. I was trying to find a moral to the story and the only ones I could come up with seemed a bit over the head of a preschooler. For example, you could say the lesson to be learned is you need to be there for someone before you expect them to trust you or be patient, everything comes in good time. Overall, the story is engaging and the action will make your little one read it multiple times.
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