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What worked:
The book begins back in Jarell’s cousin’s barbershop where Jarell is transported to a world where he’s the ancestor of a legendary hero named Kundi. Jarell’s reunited with the warrior Kimisi and they’re quested with locating and retrieving the second missing part of the Staff of Kundi, the Iron Crocodile. Readers will notice a similar format to the first book although much of the action this time occurs underwater. The science fiction angle of the series kicks in as Jarell’s suit allows him to stay submerged for most of the adventure.
Jarell’s character oozes integrity as he’s always trying to do the right thing and protect the innocent. Kimisi is laser-focused on the mission, getting the next piece for the staff, but Jarell displays understanding and compassion for all of the characters he meets. These qualities prove to be valuable as they promote positive attitudes, support, and cooperation from others. This is demonstrated as Jarell encounters manatees in distress, a monster terrorizing the waters, and sea horse creatures that have been cursed. The spirit of Kundi speaks to Jarell in his greatest times of need and helps to connect him with the kingdom of Ulfrika.
What didn’t work as well:
The book lacks character and plot development due to its fast-moving story. Sacrifices must be made when the author creates a short, action-filled plot but emerging young readers should enjoy it. More experienced readers may be looking for more description and depth to the characters and conflict.
The Final Verdict:
Like the first book, this one can be read very quickly which will appeal to young readers wanting to feel like they’ve accomplished something. The story is full of drama and action which should maintain reader interest. Overall, this book is fun to read and I recommend you give it a shot.
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