Middle Grade Review: We Got the Music: A Peek Inside Julie’s Notebook (Julie and the Phantoms) (G.M. King)



About This Book:

Check out Julie and Luke’s lyrics, Flynn’s gig schedule for the band, and original Sunset Curve memorabilia in this in-world guide to the hit Netflix show Julie and the Phantoms!
Julie Molina is always writing in her notebook — from lyric ideas to memories of her mom, and even plans for her band, Julie and the Phantoms (including words of wisdom like “Make sure no one realizes the guys are ghosts, not holograms”).

This fun, in-world guide includes notes between Julie and her best friend, Flynn; messy scribbles from Luke, Reggie, and Alex with ideas for new songs (hey, it’s hard to hold a pencil when you’re dead!); and suspicious theories from Julie’s little brother, Carlos, about exactly what’s going on out in the garage… Plus, there are full-color photos on every page!

Explore all this and more in this exclusive peek at Julie and the Phantoms, the hit new show from High School Musical and Descendants director Kenny Ortega!


*Review Contributed by Bethany Wicker, Staff Reviewer*

Julie and the Phantoms Fan Must Have
This peek inside Julie’s notebook is a must have for any JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS fan. With how often Julie writes in her notebook, it sparks the curiosity of what all is in there. In this book, we get to see the lyrics from their songs and other fun things, like newspaper articles and flyers for performances. There are even some photos and insightful things like her daily planner, terms to know in the 21st century, messages between friends, and boy talk.

WE GOT THE MUSIC: A PEEK INSIDE JULIE’S NOTEBOOK is packed with so many things that it captures the reader’s interest with the first page. Another thing we get a glimpse of are the classified Carlo’s Ghost Logs which are entertaining and funny too. My favorite part would have to be the messages between Julie and her friends but I love the newspaper clippings too. All around, it’s a well put-together book considering it contains so many different things. Holding it and flipping through the pages, I feel like I’m looking at something that’s supposed to be Top Secret.

Final Verdict: The layout of everything makes you feel like you’re really holding Julie’s Notebook and it’s a book fans of JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS will love. A perfect gift in my opinion.


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