Middle-Grade Review: Two Truths and a Lion by Lisi Harrison


About This Book:


Sadie and her pack of best friends are back one last time in this series finale about girls with animal powers from the #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisi Harrison.


Sadie and her friends should be preparing for end of the year finals but they are about to go on a mission to save one of their own. She was taken from school and they know just where to find her. Things are all going according to plan.

But suddenly there’s a new girl at school—with the same powers as Sadie—who claws her way into The Pack. But this girl is fiercly confident and soon wants to lead them her own way.

Not wanting to start drama, Sadie bites her tongue but as their rescue mission begins these two girls find themselves butting heads. To make matters worse Sadie’s BFF Lindsey seems to be losing focus…and the hyenas have figured out they left school and are on their tail! Can they navigate their secret mission and friendships to bring back their fallen pack member? Or will this adventure change them forever?


*Review Contributed By Connie Reid, Staff Reviewer*

Series Finale

Two Truths and a Lion is the final book in THE PACK trilogy. It picks up shortly after book two left off with Sadie, Lindsay, and her brother, Beak, planning to take the fight to IBS and rescue Kate and any other animal lights who have been captured and experimented on.
The plot goes a bit sideways with the introduction of Kleo, another lion light, who is instantly welcomed to the pack and plans to take over as leader. Sadie continues to struggle with how to follow her heart and keep her friends safe. Kleo’s character is charismatic and brings high energy and feeds Lindsay’s recklessness.
Sadie is left unprepared to defend her position as leader against Kleo’s strong personality. They embark on the worst rescue plan possible. Thanks to Taylor and Amy who follow the girls take turns bringing their strengths to the group to keep each other safe. Sadie learns valuable lessons about depending on each other instead of trying to force her way to be chosen.
There are plenty of surprises about IBS when they arrive and finally face Lindsay’s dad. The resolution to the series is quick and gives all the fuzzy feelings to resolve the serious dilemmas they have been facing. Overall, this book worked well for the target audience but likely wouldn’t have the same impact with older audiences.


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