Middle-Grade Review: The Awesome Physics in Your Home by The Amazing Theatre of Physics


About This Book:

This fully illustrated children’s book reveals the hidden physics in our everyday lives and our homes, from the kitchen to the bathroom.
Step into the extraordinary world of everyday physics with The Awesome Physics in Your Home, a fully illustrated non-fiction children’s book that reveals the physics that surrounds us within the comfort of our homes, thereby transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. By exploring real-life situations in the kitchen, living room, garage, bathroom, and garden, this book demystifies complex scientific concepts through relatable scenarios and provides safe, hands-on experiments for curious young minds. 


Geared towards budding young scientists and inquisitive minds ages 9–12, The Awesome Physics in Your Home serves as a gateway to understanding the wonders of physics in everyday life. It presents science as an exhilarating activity, bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and real-world applications. Authored by the Amazing Theatre of Physics, renowned for their entertaining and educational science experiments, this book guarantees an engaging and enlightening journey into the realm of physics. Whether you’re a young science enthusiast or a parent looking to inspire a love for learning and the sciences, this book is the perfect tool to spark curiosity and exploration.

*Review Contributed By Cherokee Crum, Staff Reviewer*

A fun and scientific look at everyday items in your home

The Awesome Physics in Your Home lets children uncover the magic of physics in places like their bedroom, the kitchen, and the bathroom, plus areas outside the home!

Each chapter is filled with a ton of information! To help digest this information, each room is broken down into smaller sections, some including fun experiments.
There is a short section on energy conservation, as well as the five senses.

The illustrations are well done. They are brightly colored and do a fantastic job of showing different elements on physics, such as water molecules, snowflakes, and static electricity!

Included in the back matter is a fun glossary!

This book makes a great introduction for budding scientist! Perfect for the classroom or library, as well as homeschool settings!


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