Middle-Grade Review: Fangs for Having Us! (Ms. Frogbottom’s Field Trips #3) by Nancy Krulik


About This Book:


Magic School Bus meets The Magic Tree House in this third installment of a school-based chapter book series by bestselling author Nancy Krulik. When their teacher takes them to Romania, will this class be able to tangle with vampires?


Ms. Frogbottom’s class is on a field trip to Romania where a visit to Dracula’s castle brings them face to fang with vampires, garlic, bats, and—yikes!—could it be the legendary count himself?

Bestselling and beloved author Nancy Krulik ingeniously approaches geography in a new way, as the kids learn about the places they visit while fighting, fleeing, or in some cases rescuing monsters.


*Review Contributed by Lillian McCurry, Staff Reviewer*


Who Knew Learning Could Be So Fun?


FANGS FOR HAVING US! by Nancy Krulik is a learning adventure that is the third installment of school-based chapter book series. Reminiscent of the Magic School Bus and The Magic Tree House series, the book follows Ms. Frogbottom’s class as they travel in her magic map learning the history, geography, culture, and science of the ares they visit. In this installment while the class is at science camp and being the feast for mosquitoes, Ms. Frogbottom takes them on a trip to Transylvania, Romania to learn about Vlad the Impaler and the history and folklore surrounding the castle, town, and vampires.

What I Enjoyed:
I really appreciated the easy to read language of the book. This will appeal to and encourage young readers as they begin reading independently. The chapters are well defined and the perfect length to motivate kids to read daily. The story itself is humorous as the classmates explore Transylvania and scare each other with their knowledge of vampire myths. But it isn’t all fiction. I love that the author has bullet pointed facts scattered throughout the book that correspond with the current topic. The narrator of the story, Daisy, also talks about the facts when she gets annoyed with her classmates’ tall tales. The illustrations are simple in design and sparse, however they usually depict a funny scene or creature the class is currently discussing which helps the reader to visualize the story as they read.

Final Thought: Educational and humorous, FANGS FOR HAVING US! will appeal to younger readers and parents alike who enjoy the Magic School Bus and the Magic Tree House adventures.


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