Middle-Grade Review: Claw and Order (The pack #2) by Lisi Harrison


About This Book:

Sadie and her best friends are back in book two of this series about girls with animal powers. The Pack seems stronger than ever but Sadie has a secret that could claw its way out.


Sadie thought joining the Pack would be the wildest thing to happen to her this year but the school year is becoming even harder.

On top of classes Sadie has to navigate her growing feelings for her crush, taming her powers during cheer practice and trouble making hyenas trying to take her crown.

Then there is the massive secret she is keeping from her BFF Lindsey–that could destroy their friendship and The Pack as they know it. Will the shocking truth come out to bite them?

*Review Contributed By Connie Reid, Staff Reviewer*

Being a Good Friend…What’s That?

Claw and Order sees Sadie and her pack of friends navigating how to be good and loyal friends. Sadie finds herself in an impossible position. She knows why Lindsay has memory loss but it could put her friend in danger to tell her the truth and it would betray the family that is trying to protect her. Watching the drama unfold made for an interesting read.
Throughout the story, Sadie has many interactions with friends where she doesn’t make good decisions. My daughter and I had different opinions on the situation which led to a good discussion. For a group of friends that vow to have each other’s backs, there are many instances where they act selfishly. There are some lessons learned and some reconciliation that helped make the drama relatable.
Overall, this book works well for the intended audience. My daughter loved the drama and was a book she was willing to stick with to find out what happens next. I like that we listened to the audiobook together and could discuss the flaws of the characters and brainstorm scenarios that may have not resulted in so many problems for the friends.


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