Kid Review: Atlas of Cats (Atlases of Animal Companions) by Jana Sedlackova and Helena Harastova


About This Book:


How many cat breeds are there? Let’s find out! This book belongs to all cat lovers!
Did you know that some cats don’t have five fingers, but six? We’re not pulling your whiskers—it’s true! Whether you have your own pet at home or whether you just like these adorable little rascals—read our illustrated cat atlas, which will introduce you to the most interesting, lazy, cuddly, and wild cat breeds in the world, from the common European tabby to the silky-haired Persian cat and the unusual Lykoi. And don’t worry, that one over there isn’t a tiny werewolf—it just looks like one. And if you enjoy bedtime stories, don’t forget to cuddle up in bed and immerse yourself in the Meow News, a newspaper that comes with the atlas. It contains many stories, interviews, and news from around the world of renowned feline celebrities, as well as lesser-known cat heroes and heroines.

*Review Contributed by Bethany Wicker, Staff Reviewer*


Unique Facts About Cats


ATLAS OF CATS teaches just about anything children want to know about the different cat breeds. It goes into detail about the temperament, the appearance, and some fun facts about each one. Next to the name of each breed is a rating scale on intelligence, stubbornness, their personality type, wanderlust, and how likely they are to cuddle with you. Some cats have fun tales about things that particular breed has done or ones that are famous, including the ancestry of that species.

There’s an introduction to the idea of having a cat as a pet and what to expect. The illustrations are simple with appropriate coloring to depict each particular breed. I like how the author goes into detail about the different patterns and how some breeds look very similar. My daughter also likes how dogs make an appearance here and there which she found silly. My favorite parts were the stories scattered throughout it. I never knew so many breeds of cats existed so this is a fun educational tool for children who want to know more about cats.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to any child who loves cats or for those looking to discover which cat breed they want as their next pet. If you’re looking for it, this book will have it. It’s a unique take on educating people about the different breeds of cats and the formatting itself easily gets five stars alone.


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