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Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25 is a book that is mainly about a group of teenagers who have special electric powers. The reason why they have this "6th Sense" is because when they were first born a scientist named Dr. Hatch told 16 mothers and fathers that he could make their children invincible and immortal. Who would not want that? So the parents agreed to the conditions and let Hatch have the children for the procedure. During the experiment a very strange thing happened and the kids were all gaining electric powers. 16 years later the children who did not stay with Hatch are just learning their powers. Some of the kids died from cancer or went mad from the electricity creating a dangerous neurotoxin. Together 5 of the children try their best to stop Hatch from Global-Domination. Will they succeed? Or will they just wink out of existence?

This book was absolutely hilarious but it was also suspenseful in the action scenes. I would recommend it to ages 12+ because of language. It would also be great for fans of the SyFy channel.
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