Katy Huth Jones

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5.0 (1)
Immersed in the historical background of the tenth century, this true tale of Good King Wenceslas, as told by his faithful servant Poidevin, brings the reader into the Dark Ages. Fear grips the land of Bohemia as the faithful face betrayal and persecution under the reign of the pagan...
Return to Finian Jahndra
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How can you be a hero when you're already a legend? Despite the death of Grandma and her own diagnosis of incurable cancer, eighteen-year old Leandra returns to the magical realm of Finian Jahndra at the urgent request of her friend, Songcatcher. Prince Aspen needs Leandra and her enchanted...
Hildegard of Bingen in The Seer and The Scribe: Spear of Destiny
4.7 (1)
In medieval Germany, Hildegard of Bingen was born with a gift--the ability to see beyond this earthly realm. But a gift can also be a burden, especially when Hildegard's vision helps her witness the vicious murder of a monk at the monastery of Disibodenberg. When the peace...