Meet the Moon

Meet the Moon
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Fitzroy Books
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September 15, 2022
In 1970, 13-year-old Jody Moran wants pierced ears, a kiss from a boy, and more attention from her mother. It’s not fair. Seems like her mother is more worked up about the Apollo 13 astronauts, who may not make it back to earth safely. As it happens, the astronauts are spared a crash landing, but Jody is not, for three days after splashdown, her mother dies in a car accident. Now, Jody will never know if her mother really loved her. Jody’s father has taught them to believe in the “Power of Intention.” Announce what you want to the world to make it happen. But could the power of Jody’s jealousy and anger have caused Mom’s accident? To relieve her guilt and sadness, she devotes herself to mothering her three younger siblings and helping Dad, which quickly proves too much for her, just as persuading quirky Grandma Cupcakes to live with them proves too much for Grandma. That’s when Jody decides to find someone to marry her father, a new mom who will love her best. Jody reads high and low to learn about love, marriage, and death. Each first—bra, kiss, boyfriend—which makes her miss her mother, teaches her that death doesn’t happen just once.

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Equally Heartbreaking and Heartwarming
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After her mom is killed in a car accident, Jody Moran's life changes dramatically. This book is a coming-of-age story while dealing with grief and it's equally heartbreaking and heartwarming. Jody's pain was so palpable in the book that I wanted to hug and comfort her. Kerry L. Malawista did an outstanding job capturing Jody's grief and feelings of guilt in her writing. At the same time, she was able to balance the heaviness of the loss of a parent with comical little moments of Jody and her siblings.

I was so invested in each of the Moran kids and appreciated their different personalities and how Malawista wrote the sibling relationship in such a realistic way. Although the Moran siblings bickered and fought with each other, they also supported each other in big and small moments, and Jody certainly stepped up to provide comfort to her younger siblings. I especially loved the youngest Billy and often found myself laughing at his antics.

As if grief and family drama wasn't enough, this book also touches on first crushes and all the awkwardness they entail. It made for some amusing and cringe worthy moments.

Meet the Moon will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with Jody Moran and her family!
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