Lord of the Fly Fest

Lord of the Fly Fest
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August 30, 2022
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Influencers trapped on a deserted island with a murder suspect in their midst―what could possibly go wrong? Find out in this hilarious and gripping take on Lord of the Flies from New York Times bestselling author Goldy Moldavsky

Rafi Francisco needs a splashy case to put her true-crime podcast on the map. Her plan? A murder investigation, of course. She’s heading to Fly Fest, an exclusive music festival on a Caribbean island, to interview River Stone, the pop star who rocketed to fame after his girlfriend’s mysterious disappearance. And her interview is going to expose him as the killer she’s sure he is.

But when Rafi―and hordes of influencers―arrive at Fly Fest, the dreamy Caribbean getaway they were promised turns out to be a nightmare. Soon, Rafi is fighting for her life against power-hungry beauty gurus and spotty WiFi. And as the festival from hell continues with no end in sight, and Rafi finds herself growing closer to River, she begins to discover that his secrets have much bigger consequences than she ever imagined.

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Lord of the Fly Fest
(Updated: October 26, 2022)
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What worked: Hilarious take on a modern-day Lord of the Flies. I'd say this is more satire on what would happen if the top Influencers ended up on an island to be part of a very popular music fest. Only in this case, it's nothing like they'd hoped.

I listened to the audiobook of this and chuckled more than a few times with Rafi's description of spending most of her savings to go to an island music fest as the subject of her crime podcast would be there. Only nothing is what was promised. The Influencers show their true colors and treat Rafi as beneath them. What's funny is to what lengths some of these Influencers will go for their followers. One such Influencer Jack goes so far as using something on the island that puts a whole new meaning to stinky makeup.

Rafi does meet River Stone, the subject of her podcast but he's nothing like she'd thought. I really liked the exchanges between these two. Rafi finds that maybe River isn't as bad as she'd thought.

The humor is throughout this totally engaging audiobook. Twin Influencers who 'try' to make a business over the island's bananas; the constant need to be on social media to the point of denying reality; and of course Rafi's interaction with all of these people. You'll laugh and also hope that Rafi does get off the island.

I did wonder a few times why it was hard to get help though Rafi finds out when they are able to get access to some Internet-for a cost-all the Influencers instead chose to post unrealistic posts on what is happening on the island. None will admit it basically is a scam. All that is except Rafi and even she's tempted to stay if that means she can get the exclusive interview to River.

Hilarious satire on Influencers set on an island that shows the lengths some in social media will go to.
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