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Jacki's mother is losing her hearing, so the two learn sign language together in order to keep communicating. Jacki even does a song at her school in sign language and it fills her heart with joy to see her mom cheering her on. Even though her mother can't hear her, Jacki loves her all the same and is excited to learn new things with her.

LISTENING TO THE QUIET is a heart-warming story about a mother and daughter who come together when the mom starts losing her hearing. It's based off the author's childhood and the author's note in the back of the book gives us a bit more insight about the situation. The illustrations are pastel watercolor with a softness to them that fits the theme. I love how their situation makes them stronger instead of bringing them down and how it makes their bond stronger.

Final Verdict: LISTENING TO THE QUIET addresses the disabilities of losing the ability to hear and it's about family support to build each other back up. I would recommend it to children aged four and older who may know somebody who is deaf or it's a great story in general to educate children about these conditions.
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