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LINUS is a picture book about feeling different and finding your people. Linus was a little different than everyone else in Linneopolis, who are a straight-edged bunch. Linus loved color and other shapes. After he acted out a bit, he got put on the building wall detail. Realizing he did not fit in and wouldn't, he ran away. He found some other people, who weren't sure about him at first but eventually embraced him as one of their own. He decides to take some of his new friends back to Linneopolis. When he does, the people of Linneopolis aren't sure about them, but eventually, they begin to realize that different is also good.

What I loved: Ultimately, the message of embracing those who are different is a great one. The images and ideas are interesting with children understanding why colors and diversity is ultimately good (who doesn't love color?). Linus becomes endearing quickly and children will understand that though he makes some small mistakes, his differences are something to celebrate and not to punish. The font is easy to read and clear on each page with a focus on simple images to convey the story.

What left me wanting more: I struggled with some of the messaging that has bigger connotations for adults, with Linus getting put on a work detail to try to reform him when he expresses himself too much and then running away. These topics felt heavier, but they will certainly speak to children who feel a bit different. Ultimately, the book ends on a positive note with Linneopolis learning that being different can be good too.

Final verdict: LINUS is an overall cute picture book with an ultimate message about embracing diversity. Recommend for elementary school aged readers.
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