Liar’s Test

Liar’s Test
A gripping YA fantasy with a deadly contest to win a crown, a fierce heroine determined to right the wrongs done to her people, and a smoldering love story that could change everything...

I didn’t want to rule the Risen. Wreak a little havoc upon them, though? That was something else entirely.

Bell Silverleaf is a liar.

It’s how she’s survived. It’s how all Treesingers have survived, after they were invaded by the Risen and their gods. But now—thanks to some political maneuvering—Bell is in the Queen’s Test. She’s one of seven girls competing in deadly challenges to determine who rules for the next twenty-five years. If Bell wins, she’ll use the power to help her people and get her revenge on the Risen.

But Bell doesn’t know how much she’s been lied to. She’s part of a conspiracy stretching back generations, and she’s facing much bigger dangers than the Queen’s Test. She’s up against the gods themselves.

Getting hold of that crown might just be the least of her problems.

Aboriginal writer Ambelin Kwaymullina has created a fast-paced, twisty narrative and an unforgettable heroine inspired by the strength and power of Aboriginal women.

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A test to be queen
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This fast-paced YA fantasy novel was a pleasure to read, a total of intricate world-building that requires you to tap into your imagination and is very open to interpretation. I loved the take on Indigenous culture in the story, with the mention of ancestors and passing on traditions through the family and the deep connection with nature and the Treesinger families, closely related to different types of trees. Sometimes, it’s nice to enjoy a fantasy book that isn’t full of romance, and I loved the tiny bit of romance that blooms between two significant characters (not saying too much here). I’m all about prominent female lead characters that are courageous, brave, and not afraid to stand their ground, so I loved that about the main protagonist, Bell Silverleaf; she suffers abuse and is discriminated against because of her background, but throughout the book, Bell develops into a powerful heroine. The friendship that forms between Bell and two of the competitors is heartwarming and wholesome. Can we also talk about how cute Tricks is!!
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