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Lia Park and The Heavenly Heirlooms is the second book in a series about a young girl who is the daughter of parents who work for IMA. She has been raised to one day attend the magic school for spies, and in this book, she attends with her best friend, Yoon. The author immerses you with essential details about how the school works and the location of schoolhouses where the kids live while at the school, and for the first time, Lia will be sharing a room.
The story is unique in that Lia Park is Korean, and throughout the book, you see a nod in language, the types of skills Lia learns at the school, and how she interacts with the world around her. Lia Park is determined to do her best at the school, but soon she discovers that something is drastically wrong with her magic and, along with her team Air Check, they will face so much more than she did in the first book. The stakes are high, and the evil is interesting; I mean, I wouldn't want to face a nine-headed monster knowing it could end the world if I fail.
Final Verdict:
For any reader who loved Harry Potter, Gifted Clans, or the Aru Shah series, Lia Park and The Heavenly Heirlooms should be your next read. Lia and her friends will be on a mission to find magical objects, battle a nine-headed monster, and someone inside her group may be behind this new monster.
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