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LET'S GO HOME, BABY TIGER is a delightfully interactive board book. Each page spread features objects and animals to find amidst the scene on the opposite page with a track for children to bring the baby animal home. The back includes a QR code to the audiobook for children who want to read along.

What I loved: This is a clever book that works well for children who are active readers. Being able to do the search is great for learning about shapes and matching, and the tracks give little ones a way to move the animals along. With sparse words and a heavy focus on the colorful illustrations, this will work well for toddlers who can understand what is happening and really get into the activities.

The font is clear and easy to read throughout. For the animals/objects children are meant to find, the object is shown with a label next to it, which aids in word recognition and spotting the correct thing. The pages of this book are very thick and sturdy, with the tracks being easy to fit a finger into, but difficult to take the round piece with the baby animal that moves out. This works well for even the roughest of readers.

What left me wanting more: As a small thing, a couple of the tracks have rough edges from how they were cut. While they won't hurt fingers, they do feel a bit unpleasant. However, there are very few (only a couple in the book), and caregivers can wear them down with their fingers easily.

Final verdict: LET'S GO HOME, BABY TIGER is a fun, interactive board book that is great for active book lovers.
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