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LET'S GO HOME, BABY SHARK is an interactive board book. Each page spread includes images of creatures and plants for children to find on the page with a track of an animal that needs to head home. The four pages feature a shark, crab, octopus, and puffin. A QR code on the back links to the audiobook for children who would like to read along.

What I loved: This is a clever, interactive book for little ones who really like to get into their stories. The page spreads include a little track that children can move the baby animal along to get home as well as a small search-and-find for different objects/animals. They are relatively simple to find, but do add some learning and contribute to cognitive development as readers will need to know the shapes and colors to find the right animal/plant/object on the opposing page. Given these interactive elements, the book will work best for toddlers who can appreciate these tasks.

The font is very clear throughout and simple, which works best for children who are ready to play. The items to find are clearly labeled and include an image of the thing to search for, which helps in matching them up. The disk with the baby animal moves smoothly through the tracks and is large enough that it cannot slip out with the borders being nice and thick, so they will stand up to rough readers.

What left me wanting more: As a small thing, some of the die-cut tracks have a bit of roughness to them that feels a bit harsh against sensitive fingers. These are few and far between with most of them being very smooth (only a couple rough spots in the whole book).

Final verdict: LET'S GO HOME, BABY SHARK is a great board book for toddlers who want to explore and interact. Moving animals and simple searches make this a great pick for active readers!
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