Lanie Speros & The Omega Contingency

Lanie Speros & The Omega Contingency
Age Range
Release Date
April 19, 2022
"Lanie Speros & The Omega Contingency" proves that sometimes it's better if the adults just let the kids drive. The perfect mix of humor, tenderness, tension, and detail, Lanie Speros' saga is tempered by fast-moving action and legendary landscapes. All to say, this is a story that doesn't want to be put down. Lanie learns to trust her skills, but more importantly, she learns to embrace her own fiery spirit―and trust her friends. The greatest achievements are made by mixing daydreams with ambition and talent, and Lanie's crew knows the powerful fourth ingredient―working together. Of course, being able to handle a car like a pro doesn't hurt either.

For thirteen-year-old Lanie Speros, the journey from anonymous middle school life to epic subterranean adventure begins during a road trip. The accidental revelation of a hidden tunnel under her yard leads her family and best friend on a thrilling motorhome voyage full of danger, destruction and narrow escapes. But more importantly, it's a voyage of self-discovery―one that changes Lanie's entire outlook on what it means to become a teenager.

She returns home empowered, and the odyssey continues as she creatively eliminates criminals who want to infiltrate a secretive, forgotten city in the abandoned mine complex below her house. Suddenly having to question the motives of everyone she's met in her new neighborhood, Lanie works with her friend Hudson to find the meaning of the cryptic clues, hidden rooms, and shadowy history of her new home.

During her exploration of the underground world, Lanie is faced with challenges that force her to develop the courage and self-confidence that she didn't know she had. Her talent for driving, design and fabrication are all put to the test when she must go out on the road again―to defend herself, her family, and the enormous secret she's agreed to protect.

When do young people decide what their calling in the world is? What do they do with their unique talents and abilities when they discover them? When do they realize that they should lead―instead of follow? These are the questions that Lanie answers on her quest. But, along the way she also finds her voice―and the confident, volcanic spirit that had been locked within her soul. It's OK to not be typical...and it's OK to refuse to be squeezed into the same mold as everyone else. When Lanie figures this out, life suddenly becomes a lot more fun.

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