Don't Touch That Toad & Other Strange Things Adults Tell You

Don't Touch That Toad & Other Strange Things Adults Tell You
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August 01, 2010
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Stop cracking your knuckles or you'll get arthritis. Don't cross your eyes or they'll stay stuck like that. With entertaining, kid-friendly insights on every page accompanied by wacky illustrations, Don't Touch That Toad and Other Strange Things Adults Tell You examines the truth and/or falsity behind parental do's and don'ts. When explanations aren't so cut-and-dried, kids are encouraged to decide for themselves. Here's a chance to know once and for all if lightning can strike the same place twice, if eating fried foods can cause acne, if an elephant never forgets, plus many more.

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Strange Things Adults Tell You
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Can touching a toad really give you warts? Can you really scare someone to death? Does a stork really bring babies? These questions and more are answered in 'Don't Touch That Toad & Other Strange Things Adults Tell You'.

If you are very curious about the millions of things your parents have every told you and want to know if it's true, then check this book out! The author, Catherine Rondina, is honest and funny. I found myself (a mother to 2 boys) actually learning a few things from this book! Recommended for early readers, the actual reading might be for older kids (around 3rd grade). Overall a great book with great answers!
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