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Open Me Up
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September 21, 2009
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Following on the very hot heels of Pick Me Up, Do Not Open, and Take Me Back, comes Open Me Up, and irreverent, graphically dynamic, intelligently hilarious, and gruesomely informative book about the goings on of our innards. A spectacular 3-D cover (featuring an incredible die cut to reveal the internal organs) will wow browsers, while the superb interior design, imagery, and information will seal the deal. Learn about the discovery of penicillin from a graphic novel, see how the heart works via its social networking page, and watch white blood cells zap invaders on a video-game spread. This is not your father's Gray's Anatomy.

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Everything You Could Ever Want to Know About the Human Body
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This hefty tome is jam-packed full of fascinating details about something every single one of us has (and most take for granted): a human body. The team of authors has put this information together in a lively, easy-to-read, and enjoyable format that makes it difficult to resist turning the page to read just one more chunk of info and then . . .just one more . . .

For example, a spread on "Cell Division" begins, "Hey, you! Yes, you eating the hot dog in the opposite stand . . ." with the text set over a photo of sports fans in a stadium. It goes on to explain mitosis, in a down-to-earth way.

The book is divided into eight sections, covering everything from organs to fuel to medical issues to bones/muscles/nerves/cells and so much more. You can learn about twins, puberty, "toilet truths," pandemics, ways corpses are preserved . . .a book-browser's paradise of interesting tidbits of facts.

As an example of all OPEN ME UP has to offer, in the "Skin" chapter, we learn about skin's stunning design features, high performance, barrier capabilities, and control of body temperature. Then we go on to body decoration (including the most popular tattoos), all about hair, the what/why of nails, fingerprints, and skin colors.

OPEN ME UP is irresistible; even non-science geek types will not be able to refrain from doing exactly as the title says.
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