The Voice of America's Youth: Our Response to 9-11-01

The Voice of America's Youth: Our Response to 9-11-01
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February 24, 2003
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As a former teacher, Tricia Stevens Hock has taught students of all ages. On September 11, 2001, she spent the morning experiencing horror, shock, and tears with a group of middle and high school students. For days following she envisioned children and teenagers sitting in classrooms across our nation, stunned, fearful, and confused by the largest tragedy this nation has ever seen. Tricia began the Voice of Americaas Youth Book Proect, an idea she describes as God-given, to open an avenue for students to express their reactions and feelings and to further their healing process. Capturing the voice of Americaas youth in book form, so this generation can have a atime capsulea to share with their children and grandchildren in years to come, has been a true labor of love for Tricia. It is her gift to our nation, as we walk, together, out of the shadows of September 11.

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Reader reviewed by Jill

This is the best Sept. 11 book I've read because it is all about what teenagers thought and felt on September 11th. There are younger kids, too. They all talk about lots of things,like war, and Osama Bin Ladan and patriotism, and that the US of A is going to be OK. I liked the letters to the President and the letters to God. Some of the book is sad, some is glad and some is hopeful. I cried when I read some of it, like the letter from a little girll who's aunt was killed on one of the planes.
My mom is going to buy a copy for my cousins who are younger than me for a present on Sept. 11. I hope you'll read it too. America's the greatest!! Jillian, age 13
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