You're Amazing: A No Pressure Guide to Being Your Best Self

You're Amazing:  A No Pressure Guide to Being Your Best Self
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July 01, 2008
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You've heard it all before: "Get good grades. Keep your room clean. Wear the right clothes. Try new extracurricular activities. And why don't you have a boyfriend?" All these demands can be mind-boggling What's a girl to do?

"Girls Inc. Presents: You're Amazing " is a guide to help you deal with the amount of pressure you endure to be "perfect."

In this fun and enthusiastic, not-your-mother's book, you'll get advice on not-so-easy topics, including how to: Deal with stereotypes and cliquesFigure out the best way to balance school and a social lifeNavigate the crushes and dating worldFind a place in your family Packed with guidance from older teens, female role models, and activities from Girls Inc., this fun to read book is truly a guide to being your very best-and happiest-self.

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You're Amazing!
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You're Amazing! A No-Pressure Guide to Being Your Best Self
by Claire Mysko explores all the daily aspects of middle school and
high school girls. It shows many of the pressures put upon girls, and
how they can better deal with them while loving themselves at the same

The book is peppered with quizzes, surveys,
true-and-false, etc, so girls can better understand what is going on
around them. It also includes real quotes from girls, along with
results from a survey about how girls are feeling.

Claire Mysko
offers advice on looks, school, friends, dating, family, stress, and
more. She also compares Amazing Girl (the girl who strives to do her
best and, like all of us, isn't perfect- but is okay with that), and
Super Girl (the girl who has to be right all of the time).

I enjoyed the go get 'em!
attitude displayed throughout the novel. It was written in a really
inspiring style, and I think we can all use a little more of that in
our lives. However, at times it seemed like the book was just a giant
pep talk, and I would have liked the novel even more if it had a little
more hands-down advice.

You're Amazing! is a great gift for young teenage girls!

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