Do Not Open

Do Not Open
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November 07, 2007
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In the groundbreaking tradition of DK's New York Times bestseller Pick Me Up, this book uses the same irreverent style to explore all the things THEY don't want you know about. From the Mona Lisa's hidden past to the history of Area 51, Do Not Open explores lost worlds, unravels secret codes, and lets readers step through the looking glass to see if they can handle the truth!

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DO NOT OPEN arrives in a (cardboard) metal lock-box, with the name emblazoned across the front, along with the subhead: "an encyclopedia of the world's best-kept secrets."

Who can resist?

Once I actually DO open it, I'm hard put to escape. There are too many fascinating bits of trivia inside. Just to give you an idea, here are a list of just some of the sections:

Unexplained . . .

Unthinkable . . .

Freaky Facts . . .

Unknowable . . .


Opening any page at random, you can read about a secret military base inside a Colorado mountain, hidden gold (more than one-quarter of all the gold in the world is in one bank vault under New York!!), how to time-travel, spooky things (telekinesis, poltergeists, orbs, etc), how brainwashing is done . . .and so much more.

The pages are laid out so as to draw a reader in. Some are cartoon panels, others have windows to open, huge fold-outs, brilliant photos, or eye-catching patterns.

I can't imagine anyone not being fascinated with this book. In fact, we're having a bit of a problem with it at my house right now. We ALL want to read it . . .! Highly recommended.
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