The Book for People Who Do Too Much

The Book for People Who Do Too Much
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April 01, 2004
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New York Times best-selling author Bradley Trevor Greive, creator of the modern classic The Blue Day Book, is now a household name in more than 30 countries. Hard work never killed anybody. This conviction built our great nation and made it the star-spangled superpower that it is. But Bradley Trevor Greive (BTG) wants us to know when enough's enough! Funny and perceptive, The Book for People Who Do Too Much reminds us that, in fact, hard work has killed a whole bunch of people. It has also caused premature aging, unsightly baldness, and explosive indigestion and is responsible for a lot of very questionable fashion statements. Too many people drive themselves beyond reasonable limits to do more, have more, and be more. BTG points out that ironically, they actually end up with a lot less. "It's like climbing mountain after mountain and never taking the time to look at the view," he says. With his trademark combination of engaging animal photos, gentle humor, and priceless insights, BTG urges us to have the courage to say No, and to learn to use this liberating two-letter word in a way that is amusing and empowering, but never offensive. Saying no can sound selfish, but by saving time to enjoy our lives and pursue our true passions, we'll ultimately have a lot more of ourselves to share with those who are most special to us.

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Reader reviewed by Springhair

Bradley Trevor Grieve has done it again. Following in the footstep of his The Blue Day Book, BTG has created another photographic masterpiece. This time he takes on the issue of people who do too much, and the stress it causes. This book teaches us how to use the word NO, which although it may seem selfish at times, ultimately causes a greater sense of personal relief.
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