Sheep or Cow?

Sheep or Cow?
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December 21, 2021
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Amusing illustrations metamorphosing into different objects from one page to the next. Lots of animals live on the farm, but it can be difficult for young children to name them all. What about the one with the yellow beak that lays eggs? Is it a hen? Or perhaps a duck? With this board book, kids will learn about the animals that live on the farm. This way, children can learn their first words with us! On every page, there is a little surprise waiting for them: thanks to cut-outs on every spread, one image transforms into another as the page turns. Combined with thoughtful and lively illustrations, this book is perfect for little ones!

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board book of basic farm animal names
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SHEEP OR COW? is a board book that introduces some basic animal names. The book features an email on each page along with the name, such as "duck" or "goose." The pages also contain some cut-outs and peek-throughs with key elements, such as the wing from the duck and peek-through on the goose that turn into the wing of the hen on the next page.

What I loved: This is a simple book of animal words that will appeal to older infants. The adorable animals featured on each page along with the word naming them will work well for children who are just learning about animals. The die-cut elements and peek-throughs add some extra interest to the book, as well as a touchable element across the pages. The low amount of text and board book structure is great for young children who want to explore the pages by themselves.

What left me wanting more: There is not much of a theme across the animals, and I would have liked something more to the book to make this stand out among other basic word books. The farm theme is a bit loose (I don't think of geese as a farm animal). The cut-outs are exactly the size of the die-cut openings, so they are very snug and tough to open for young fingers. It would have been helpful to make them a little bit smaller so that the pages would not stick together and little fingers could turn them more easily.

Final verdict: A cute board book of animal words, SHEEP OR COW? introduces some basic animal names with some cut-outs for additional tactile interest. Will work best for older infants who will appreciate the simplicity and colorful illustrations.
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