Animal Adaptations: Unique Body Parts

Animal Adaptations: Unique Body Parts
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November 02, 2021
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This playful series introduces children to various evolutionary traits that have helped animals adapt to their environment or way of life.

Why does a peacock have such extravagant tail feathers? Why do crocodiles have eyes on the top of their heads? Which animal is a master of camouflage? And who has legs not made for walking? Discover the coolest animal anatomy tricks! Thanks to the fun layout with cut-outs, at first only a part of the animal’s body is revealed on the page. Will the young reader be able to tell which animal that mouth, skin, or eye belongs to? All you have to do is open up the page and the animal appears in all its glory and the child learns why the animal looks the way it does. So let’s get started!

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ANIMAL ADAPTATIONS: UNIQUE BODY PARTS is a fun picture book read that discusses some of the unique body parts animals have that allow them to do special things. For instance, it begins with eyes, showing an eye through a peek-through that you open to reveal is from a fly - a unique adaptation that allows them to see in all directions without turning their heads. The facing page speaks to other animals with special eyes. The book continues with other unique parts, such as tails, skin, mouths, and legs.

What I loved: This is a fun and educational read about unique animal adaptations that gives entertaining facts about animals around specific topics/body parts. There is a lot to learn on each page spread that covers different body parts. The lift-the-flap with peek-through reveals on each page adds a little bit of guessing fun to reading the book. The illustrations are full of color and interesting animals, and I appreciated the use of a large, clear font on each page that is easy for caregivers to read aloud. The thick, light-board-book-style pages make this a great pick for toddlers and preschoolers who can turn the pages themselves and make this a sturdier book to explore. The large flaps that span a full page are also nice and sturdy, and will hold up to continued use.

Final verdict: A fun look at cool animal features, ANIMAL ADAPTATIONS: UNIQUE BODY PARTS combines entertaining facts about animals and colorful illustrations to teach about incredible animal adaptations.
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