Whose Home Is It?

Whose Home Is It?
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November 23, 2021
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A funny story about a snail trying to find his perfect home. Come explore this board book—with animals hidden under every flap!

Most animals have a place they call home. But what do you do when you don’t have a clue where that place is? This is exactly what happened to one helpless little snail who decided to find his perfect home. What do you think it will look like? Will anyone take him in? The snail learns what kind of dwellings wasps build for themselves, what it is like for the mole to live underground, and which animals build nests. And he finds that perhaps, while looking for a house, he doesn’t have to look very far. Come join the snail on his adventure and learn about the homes of different animals and what it is like to live in them.

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WHOSE HOME IS IT? is a fun lift-the-flap exploration of animal homes. A snail is searching for the perfect house, but it seems most of the ones he finds are occupied. In the end, he sees a turtle and realizes that he also has the perfect home on his back. Along the way, the snail explores burrows, caves, hollows, nests, and more.

What I loved: The premise of this nonfiction book is really great. The story about the snail trying to find the perfect home is really cute and will appeal to children who prefer fiction to nonfiction. Each page spread has 5 lift-the-flaps, with one being the first home snail checks out, and the others showing other animals who live in similar homes with home on the front and the animal who lives there under the flap. The artwork is really beautiful, with plenty of color and detail that really bring the book to life. The groupings of homes is interesting, showing many different animals who create a similar type of house for themselves.

The homes in this book seem relatively simple, which may make this appeal more to a preschool audience versus older picture book readers. The number of flaps is really great, and children will enjoy exploring the homes and the animals who live in them. The font is clear and easy to read aloud, and I appreciated the use of text boxes that lighten backgrounds as needed to keep them easily legible.

The flaps are reasonably sturdy, with the flaps built into the pages of the book, making them a bit harder to tear. The cardstock thickness will allow rougher readers to tear them, so this may be better for preschoolers versus toddlers.

Final verdict: A charming lift-the-flap exploration of animal homes, WHOSE HOME IS IT? is a fun picture book that describes and shows where different animals live along with a cute story about a snail's search for somewhere special to live.
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