Whose Track Is It?

Whose Track Is It?
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October 26, 2021
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The story of a lost little fawn. Following his mom’s trail, we learn about animals and their footprints. It’s an exciting exploration—with animals hidden under the flaps!

A little fawn gets lost in the forest . . . Anxious and confused, he leaves in search of his mom, following a trail in the soil of the forest. But were these tracks really left by Mother Deer? Maybe someone else went this way. On his expedition, the fawn learns a lot about all kinds of animals. What makes the squirrel such a great climber? What do the tracks of a horned owl look like? Do you know which animal is the quietest when it’s moving? Or how a duck uses its legs to swim? If you help the fawn find his mom, a surprise will await you under every flap. And maybe you will recognize some tracks left in the soil or in the snow on your next walk!

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engaging lift-the-flap book about animal tracks
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WHOSE TRACK IS IT? is a delightful lift-the-flap journey alongside a little fawn as he follows tracks to look for his mother. Grouped by setting, the fawn visits the forest, pond, grainfield, farm, pasture, and mountains, exploring different animal tracks in each place. The animal track appears on the outside of the flap, which is then lifted to show the animal and note unique things about their footprints.

What I loved: This was a really fun educational book. Animal tracks are something children will encounter around their homes, and this is a fun start to trying to identify who has been traveling through their yards or town. The groupings are helpful to separate the different types of animal tracks, and aid in the overarching storyline. The use of a story with the little fawn trying to find his mother will make this book appeal to a broader audience, including those who like more fictional reads versus nonfiction.

The facts about the animal prints and feet were really fascinating, and there was a lot that I did not know before about particular differences in animal prints, such as for the deer that having two hooves on each foot (versus one for horses) helps them to travel over rougher terrain. It is always fun when caregivers can also learn something new in a picture book!

The illustrations are really lovely, featuring plenty of details and colors. The left page illustrates little fawn's journey with a flap of the first prints, and the right page features 4 other tracks you could find in that location, with the animal making them underneath. This means that each spread has 5 flaps, which is a lot of lift-the-flap fun! The flaps are also built into the pages, which makes them a bit sturdier (notably, young/rough little ones could still tear them as they are maybe cardstock thickness).

Final verdict: An imaginative nonfiction read about animal tracks, WHOSE TRACK IS IT? brings the reader on a lift-the-flap journey through animal footprints. Recommend for preschool and young elementary school aged readers.
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