How Kids Live Around the World

How Kids Live Around the World
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September 07, 2021
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From a skyscraper to a houseboat, kids live in all kinds of places. Peek inside their dwellings across the globe and see their amazing cultures!

Have you ever wondered how kids live in other countries? This book gives you a great opportunity to look inside homes on all continents and discover how different kids’ lives can be. People build their homes for comfort and to suit local conditions. Do you know how children live in Mongolia? Or what life’s like in an icy igloo? How about in a rainforest? Come with us to take a look at homes in all parts of the world, and to make new friends who’ll tell you all about their culture.

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intriguing look at dwellings around the globe
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HOW KIDS LIVE AROUND THE WORLD explores different dwellings around the globe. Each page spread features a child and the house that they have with a little introduction and then several pull-out pieces of information about their lives and houses. For instance, we meet Emily, who lives in a log cabin in a Canadian National Park, where her parents work. Around the image of the cabin, squares of text tell us about electricity there, homeschooling, getting snowed under, their spectacular view, what it is made out of, and more. The book contains many different home styles, including igloos, houseboats, riads, machiyas, and more.

What I loved: This is an intriguing way to look around the globe at different homes and lifestyles. Each page features lots of fun facts to introduce the concept of what the lives of the children featured may look like. The inclusion of a specific fictional child for each house is a nice touch that makes it more than just an encyclopedic-style read. The houses shown span the globe, providing a lot of diversity in the children and dwellings shown. Each page is quite colorful, and using the pull-out squares to break-up the text in themes is helpful to making it seem shorter and allowing readers to spend as much or as little time on each page as they would like. This also makes it work for a broader range of ages.

What left me wanting more: The book focuses on some atypical houses, which is interesting, but may give a skewed view of how people in other countries live. While adults may take this for granted that children would know, this may be helpful to reiterate to kids so they do not overgeneralize.

Final verdict: An intriguing look at houses around the world, HOW KIDS LIVE AROUND THE WORLD is a brightly colored and educational read about different types of dwellings. Recommend for elementary school aged readers.
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