How Kids Celebrate Christmas Around the World

How Kids Celebrate Christmas Around the World
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September 07, 2021
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Who brings Christmas presents in Italy? Where can we sunbathe on the beach on Christmas Day? Why do Russians celebrate Christmas in January?

Everyone loves Christmas! But have you ever considered that Christmas might be celebrated elsewhere in the world in another way? What is the typical Christmas dish in Japan? Would you like to spend Christmas day in Ethiopia? Which goodies are always present on festive tables in Greece? On our journey together you’ll learn lots of interesting things about the year’s most beautiful holiday.

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HOW KIDS CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD examines the ways in which Christmas is celebrated in 14 different countries across the globe. Each page spread is designated for a country and includes a detailed and colorful illustration of the celebration as described with a few paragraphs to give the highlights. For many countries, it also speaks to differences with Santa, such as the use of kangaroos instead of reindeer in Australia.

What I loved: This is a fun look into all the different ways that Christmas is celebrated in different countries. In some countries, shifts seen over time are also described, such as the traditional mechanism of decorating boats in Greece that has been transitioned to trees to match other countries. It was also interesting to hear about the different depictions of Santa (or whoever leaves presents) and the foods that are associated with the holiday in different countries. The illustrations are really fantastic with lots of color, festivity, and details that give children a lot to visually explore.

What left me wanting more: Some of the European/US countries seemed to have a lot more detail than other countries, such as those in South America, and I would have liked to know more about those and others with which children may be less familiar. More organization of the text would have been nice as well, as the paragraphs often seemed to differ (for instance, a box for who leaves presents or details about presents, and similar facts across countries would have been nice to see clearer the differences).

Final verdict: Overall, HOW KIDS CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD is a cute and fun look at the ways the holiday is celebrated in 14 different countries. This is a festive and colorful read that will charm Christmas lovers.
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