Penguin Journey

Penguin Journey
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October 26, 2021
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A lyrical picture book exploration of emperor penguins’ incredible journey to parenthood, with stunning watercolor art

Packed Snow / Moon glow
Wind-blown / All alone

This young picture book is about the incredible lengths to which emperor penguins go for their young ones. Angela Burke Kunkel’s lyrical text and Catherine Odell’s gorgeous illustrations detail the penguins' amazing journey, and an author's note and bibliography provide added context.

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rhythmic and beautifully illustrated picture book
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PENGUIN JOURNEY is an intriguing picture book that tells the story of some penguins with brief, rhyming prose. There are relatively few words on each page, capturing the vague/general emotion of what is happening, with much of the story occurring in the illustrations. The book shows the penguins coming together, protecting their eggs, the mothers journeying away and then returning in time, and the baby penguins hatching. The author's note at the end provides additional details about the story.

What I loved: The illustrations here are really lovely and realistic, using beautiful colors and skies along with the detailed penguins to convey a lot of emotion and activity. The simple text has a very rhythmic and rhyming feel that will appeal to the youngest readers. The length and simplicity of the book will appeal to toddlers and preschoolers who may enjoy a quicker read with detailed images. Through the images, children can see the life of penguins (emperor penguins in this case), who have come together, created an egg, and then separated while the fathers protect the eggs but come back together to enjoy their family as it hatches. There is definitely something to learn here for young children who may not yet know about penguins and their babies.

What left me wanting more: I would have loved to have a more explicit story to tell about these penguins. For young readers, they may need more explicit storytelling to understand what is occurring (parents will fill in this information along the way).

Final verdict: A rhythmic and beautifully illustrated text, PENGUIN JOURNEY captures the journey from one to two to family in this unique picture book.
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