Wild about Horses

Wild about Horses
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August 03, 2021
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Craft your new horse a blanket, bridle, saddle & accessories!
Learn all the essentials of caring for, loving, and riding horses with your very own model horse. From what they eat to how they sleep, the photo-filled book covers everything a budding horse lover wants to know about their favorite animal. Then, test your new knowledge and skills by crafting a cozy blanket and tiny tack from faux leather, plus papercraft jumps and prize ribbons. With simple projects and lots of learning, this kit is a guaran-steed hit!

36-page book of nonfiction content and step-by- step instructions for craft projects
Comes with a collector-quality plastic horse ready to be pampered, with tiny metal stirrups, a faux leather saddle, and more!
Learn everything about horses, from what their neighs mean to how to properly put on tack.

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WILD ABOUT HORSES is an intriguing craft and activity kit about horses. The package includes a horse, related crafts, and a booklet that teaches about horses and instructs on the crafts. Children will make a saddle, bridle, blanket, and cardboard tack box, in addition to cardboard accessories like jumping poles and flower crowns.

What I loved: This is a fun toy for horse enthusiasts that teaches about some basic facts, such as names for coloration and special markings, and includes a few crafts to entertain. The ideas in the craft books are relevant to the horses and help to teach about special horse accessories along the way. The complexity between the different crafts varies, with some, like the bridle being much more complicated than others, like the blanket, which is pretty simple. While you will need scissors for some of the crafts, most are done using the items that come in the package (sticky dots and paper tape to attach things), which is great for simplicity and for children who want to get started right away. I also appreciated that some key items (the stickers used to adhere things) are provided in excess to allow for extra as needed.

Considering the complexity of some of the crafts and their delicacy, this would work best for elementary school aged children, probably 8 and up, though some younger kids will definitely get into this with parental help.

What left me wanting more: The crafts end up being more look than play, as they easily come apart and are rather delicate. As children will want to use the horse for play, it would be helpful if the crafts could stand up to even gentle play (they slip around and the included tape and tape dots are pretty flimsy). It does work a bit better if you use glue, but they remain a bit fragile.

Final verdict: An engaging craft and activity kit about horses, WILD ABOUT HORSES combines a horse toy with fun crafts and educational booklet for a delightful afternoon.
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