As Large as Life: The Scale of Creatures Great and Small, Short and Tall

As Large as Life: The Scale of Creatures Great and Small, Short and Tall
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October 19, 2021
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With 26 habitats to explore and more than 250 animals from the amoeba to the whale, this beautifully illustrated book puts into context the size of all creatures, great and small.

From the tiny amoeba to the mighty blue whale, this beautifully illustrated book marvels at the sheer size of some of the world's most fascinating creatures. Did you know that a sword-billed hummingbird has a beak longer than its body? A giant anteater's tongue can extend two feet into a termite mound in pursuit of food? Or that a lion's
mane sea jelly can grow tentacles as long as three buses? See how the world's animals measure up and compare them all at once using the large pull-out chart at the back of the book. With 26 habitats to explore, featuring more than 250 animals.

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intriguing nonfiction about animals and sizes
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AS LARGE AS LIFE is an interesting collection of animals and habitats in a beautifully oversized book. The illustrations here are really cool, with plenty of color and a large diversity of animals pictured. While some facts are about the size of the animal, others are random facts. The end includes a fold-out page featuring some of the animals shown in scale to each other and a person.

What I loved: The illustrations here are really vivid and colorful, and I loved just looking through them. The facts are also intriguing, and I particularly enjoyed the size-related facts that bring to life how large (or small) some animals are. Other facts add to the fun of reading, and the inclusion of different habitats was also interesting. The fold-out at the end was really cool to look at, and it's so interesting to see how very big some animals (whales) are!

What left me wanting more: It was not entirely clear to me how the scaling was done on the inner pages, and so we don't get all those cool size facts I was expecting. Other random facts were cool, but they are given in short sentences, so they also did not include a lot of detail or information. This was more of a book to browse than to really get into and learn from. The categories also seemed a bit randomly gathered, as there's not a clear theme to the organization, but still interesting to look through.

Final verdict: AS LARGE AS LIFE is an intriguing book about animal size with a large diversity of animals and bugs pictured in vivid detail. Would recommend for older elementary school aged readers who love to get quick facts about animals.
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