Memory Superpowers!: An Adventurous Guide to Remembering What You Don't Want to Forget

Memory Superpowers!: An Adventurous Guide to Remembering What You Don't Want to Forget
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August 18, 2020
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A fun and highly practical guide to helping kids achieve remarkable memorization skills—now in paperback

Nelson Dellis, the four-time USA Memory Champion, reveals the secrets to his phenomenal ability to remember almost anything. From presidents to state capitals, from mathematical theorems to the periodic table, kids have so much to remember for school!

Luckily, readers have Dellis's incredibly helpful guide! The book is structured as an entertaining and fantastical narrative in which the author guides the reader as they attempt to climb Mt. Foreverest. Up there, the goal is to defeat the Memory Thief, a villain plotting to steal the memories of everyone. On the journey, while encountering pirates, forest dwarves, and mummies, Dellis offers tools and tricks to remember the US presidents in order, foreign word meanings, countries and capitals, the periodic table, long numbers, and multiplication tables. But really, he’s providing easily understandable exercises to help the reader remember any kinds of words, lists, numbers, or concepts. Perfect for helping with school studies in any discipline and for amazing friends and family, Memory Superpowers! is one unforgettable book.

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MEMORY SUPERPOWERS uses adventurous and a unique approach on how to teach children to memorize things. School can be overwhelming, especially in children who have issues with the traditional way to learn things. This book is an approach that parents can have their child try out when conventional ways don't cut it. The author also uses visual techniques and I find this to be very effective.

Everyone learns in different ways and MEMORY SUPERPOWERS makes it fun. It uses stories and word association to assist with learning things like the names of the presidents and the periodic table. It also address vocabulary and math. The illustrations are cartoon-like and help bring more fun into learning. There's also humor that holds a child's attention and maybe even more than a teacher might.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this for those parents who want to help their children improve their memorization skills. It makes learning fun and adventurous while giving children skills they can use their entire life. This is good for both children who are and aren't struggling in school because it teaches techniques that anyone can use.
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