So. Many. Feelings Stickers: 2,700 Stickers for Every Mood

So. Many. Feelings Stickers: 2,700 Stickers for Every Mood
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August 03, 2021
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2,700 stickers for every mood!

Feeling all the feels? Express yourself! This EPIC collection of meaningful stickers helps you do just that. Each one like an emoji on paper, these stickers are perfect for your journal, snail mail, or planner—anywhere you want to explore how you really feel and then let it out.

Happy. Flirty. Grouchy. Worried. All the emotions are here in words and images on bright, lively, full-color stickers. Use happy and sad emoji stickers to note your mood in your journal. Decorate a letter with bright flowers, rainbows, or dancing avocados. Pop an “Unstoppable” sticker on your planner to keep you focused on your goals, or mark the date of a big event with a sticker that shows your excitement.

Includes 50 pages of colorful, die-cut stickers. Spread the sticker love with Pipsticks+Workman!

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SO. MANY. FEELINGS STICKERS is a fantastic and fun collection of stickers around emotions. With 2,700 stickers, it is difficult to describe them all, but each of the 50 pages in the book centers around a theme with many varieties on each page. For instance, there is a page of pig faces, which shows various colors of pigs making all sorts of different faces (or just showing their backsides), and there is another page of yoga figures, which depicts people with different skin tones and of different sizes doing different yoga poses.

What I loved: The variety in this book is excellent, and there are many stickers that are sure to be loved by different people. Particular favorites for us have been the expressive animals, particularly the cats, but also the wild animals, and the planes carrying banner phrases and emotions and hot air balloons with short phrases related to emotions on them. This set would work well for teachers who need stickers to describe different moods, anyone who just loves stickers for use in planners or journals, or who need help expressing how they feel. For this last one, this would be a great tool in the kit to help children start talking about feelings by picking out a sticker that describes what they are feeling, particularly those with the animal faces. While some pages are intended for older individuals (for example, text bubbles with internet-speak), most appeal to all ages.

Other great features are the thickness of the stickers - they are nice and solid without being overly thick and the ease of peeling off the page - these are perfectly and accurately cut, so that they are easy for anyone to take out. The pages also come free of the binding relatively easily, so you can pull out the pages you want to use without having to flip through or hold open the book. The size of the stickers varies a bit, with some being larger and some being smaller, so there are so many uses for different stickers.

Final verdict: A delightful collection of 2,700 fantastic stickers, SO. MANY. FEELINGS STICKERS is a great choice for anyone looking to express themselves with awesome new designs around emotions.
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