It's Up to You...What Do You Do?

It's Up to You...What Do You Do?
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December 01, 1998
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This work is intended for ages 4-8. If a friend had wronged you, how would you react? What if someone could give you all the answers to a big test in school? Is there an "easy way out" of hard work? Is being "popular" important? From about age six through elementary school and junior high, young people are exposed almost daily to questions of personal values just like these and their responses help to develop those unique virtues that govern their actions for years to come. The twenty-five contemporary anecdotes in this book offer challenging situations involving school-age children who must make their own choices in life. Whether reading alone or sharing these stories with an adult, young readers are asked to think about what they would do. Sandra McLeod Humphrey defines the principles that support strong character: personal integrity, compassion, loyalty, perseverance, self-discipline, personal accountability, and many others. Far more important than reaching a "correct" answer is the process of arriving at a well-reasoned conclusion.

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