When Elephants Listen with Their Feet: Discover Extraordinary Animal Senses

When Elephants Listen with Their Feet: Discover Extraordinary Animal Senses
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March 16, 2021
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Humans experience the world through sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. But what if you had the compound eyes of a fly, the whiskers of a cat, or a whale’s ability to sense magnetic north? There’s a whole world of surprising senses out there, and fascinating adaptations that have allowed animals to make use of them. We can’t interpret the faint vibration of an elephant’s faraway stomp, but learning how they keep in touch with family across the wide savannah helps us understand that we are more alike than different.

Featuring accessible text from Emmanuelle Grundmann, inviting art from Clémence Dupont, and informational sidebars, a glossary, an index of animals, and a standard index, When Elephants Listen with their Feet is a lively nonfiction book that encourages curiosity about―and respect for―the animals with which we share our planet.

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seriously cool collection of animal facts
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WHEN ELEPHANTS LISTEN WITH THEIR FEET is a seriously cool collection of animal facts around the senses. The book goes through the different senses (vision, smell, hearing, etc.), giving facts about animals who have intriguing abilities in each area. For instance, bees can see more colors on flowers as they have vision in the ultraviolet range that is invisible to humans and elephants also communicate by making gurgling sounds that are infrasound and too low for human ears. There are some new facts that I did not know as an adult, and I love learning something new. This would be a great book for children who love to know unusual and cool facts.

What I loved: The book has some general groupings with paragraphs to explain each fact about an animal within the groupings. The paragraphs are also given some color through the art in the background, and animals are illustrated next to their facts. Although picture book size, this is definitely a book for older readers (middle grade) due to the length of the text. The facts contained within are quite broad and diverse, but all really cool and interesting to learn about. This would be a great pick for children who like to know fun facts and/or to spark an interest in learning more about different animals- and human senses! The indexes in the backmatter are also helpful for children who are looking for specific facts.

Final verdict: A seriously awe-inspiring collection of facts about animal senses, WHEN ELEPHANTS LISTEN WITH THEIR FEET is a delightful book to explore and learn. Highly recommend for older elementary school aged / middle grade readers who love cool and unusual animal facts.
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